Precise Solutions Group (PSG)
can help you find an affordable health care plan that fits your needs and budget.


Flexible products including
ACA compliant plans,
short term medical,
accident, dental and more.


We partner with the most
prominent and respected
insurers in the U.S


A variety of plan options
tailored to each individual’s
situation and budget.

Searching for the right health care plan to fit your needs and your budget can be a challenge. Your employer may not offer health insurance, you might be between jobs or you might have an insurance plan with a high deductible. Or you may have already enrolled in an ACA compliant plan and need dental, vision or accident insurance to fill in any gaps. No matter what the situation, Precise Solutions Group is here to help.

Precise Solutions Group (PSG) will help identify your specific needs and work with you to find a solution. Whether you are looking for an ACA compliant health plan, short term medical, a Medicare Supplement plan, dental or vision, PSG has a variety of plan options. Our knowledgeable, licensed agents can answer your questions and help you select the right plan for your needs. PSG also offers a variety of supplemental benefits designed to add value to your insurance plans and help reduce out-of-pocket expenses, such as 24-hour telemedicine, patient advocacy services and wellness benefits.

Let Precise Solutions Group help simplify your health insurance search.